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Welcome to Double Snuggle!

Double Snuggle specialize in fun and modern apparels, gifts, and other things, specially designed with twins in mind. Our chic Maternity lines will make the process of welcoming new additions in someone's life even more fun and special. We also have a few "Not Just For Twins" lines that are just as adorable, and are perfect for anyone.

We've partnered with, a professional printing service with an unbelievably streamlined ordering process. Since they have years of experience with printing, can securely handle all payment transactions, professionally manage orders and shipments, AND they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products, we feel very good that our customers can now shop our designs with confidence.

Double Snuggle Founder

I am a proud mommy of twins who find everything in my life doubly special since the arrival of my girls. Having twins to me is never double the trouble. It's more double the joy, double the pleasure, double the blessings, and definitely double the fun!

I started this business out of the need for some different and unique designs that we don't find very often at the stores for twins and multiples. Many of my designs feature humorous sayings combined with simple, sweet, and sophisticated graphic designs that bring smiles on people's face.


Creating the designs is a fun process, and one that is ongoing as there is always a need for more and more fresh designs. Thank you for visiting. We are constantly adding new designs to our collections, so please come back to see new and fresh additions every now and then.


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